Do you have a showroom?

We have linked in with various bathroom companies and have showroom displays on the North and South sides of Brisbane.


Are your kitchens custom made?

All our kitchens are custom designed and made.


What materials do you use?

Carcases are made from standard 16mm MDF whiteboard.

Doors are made from 18, 21 or 25 mm MDF with 1mm PVC melamine, MDF vinyl wrapped, MDF two-pac or solid timber.

Bench-tops are made from 33 or 38mm HMR laminate (square or rolled edge), 10-40+mm stone or solid timber.

Hardware is generally BLUM.


Do you replace doors and bench tops?



What is your payment process?

Most payments are made by internet transfer but we can arrange credit or EFT through one of our showroom partner stores.